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Welcome to the Urban Springs Church website, or rather the initial version of our website. We will be adding much more here in due course.

Very briefly, our name (Urban Springs Church) is actually our mission. It is a picture we carry with us of what God wants to achieve through the gospel of Jesus Christ and the way He wants us to work with Him in accomplishing that.

We seek to be a body of believers who are channels for streams of living water in a dry and thirsty land. Our desire is to be that wherever we are every day as well as to find God given opportunities to express that as a church in our community.


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We meet at 09h15 every Sunday morning:

- at 3 Piet Retief Rd, Harveston. See here for a map. The sign on the gate is for "Martin le Roux."


Please phone Gordon or Gavin if you want more detail


You are most welcome to join us.


Contact detail is as follows:

Gavin Mardon - 082 780 9884 / Sandy - 079 881 3104

Gordon Hunkin - 082 520 0210 / Riana - 072 122 9004